Healthy Home Cleaning - Services

One-Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Vacation Rental Upkeep

Standard Clean

Standard Clean includes:

  • Swiffer dusting from top down, including decor, in each room finishing at baseboards
  • vacuuming to include under furniture the vacuum, which goes flat, will go under
  • mopping
  • finished with damp pr wet wiping of heavily used surfaces

We ask that the thermostat be set to a comfortable temp, we do a better job when not wiping the sweat out of our eyes! 68 to 74 is typical. If there is a necessity for warmer temps, such as an elderly family member, please let us know so we can dress accordingly – thank you for your understanding.

  • Thermostat
  • Dishes removed from sink
  • Children’s toys picked up



Standard cleaning includes:

  • Sinks – cleaned
  • Tubs – cleaned, we ask that children’s bath toys be removed or put to the side on cleaning day
  • Toilets – cleaned – we cannot guarantee rings will come out
  • Showers – stand alone showers are cleaned with a scrub brush. Glass doors are cleaned but we cannot guarantee all mold/mildew stains will come off
  • Counter tops – wiped clean
  • Mirrors – cleaned
  • Baseboards – wiped
  • Light fixtures – lightly dusted
  • Vanities- we do our best with vanities which are heavily covered in toiletries



Standard Cleaning Includes:

  • Vacuum – all floors in open areas (under furniture only if vacuum fits) I use a hepa filtered vacuum which is safe for all floor types
  • Mopping – old fashioned mopping with a rag mop so I can scrub if needed. My cleaner is safe for all floor types and doesn’t leave a residue
  • Rugs – vacuumed or shook out. Extremely thick rugs tens to hold dirt and dust regardless of being vacuumed. If there is grit back on your floor due to this I am sorry there is just not anything I can do about that. I pick up  smaller rugs to vacuum and mop.

If there are a lot of toys or clutter on the floors it makes vacuuming difficult. While I don’t mind picking these up occasionally because you were in a hurry, remember that we are on a schedule and this adds time to our job and takes away from the time we can spend cleaning your home. Thank you for understanding.

Deep Cleaning

A lot of customers prefer a deep clean the first time out followed by scheduled Standard Cleans. Some customers add a Deep Clean each quarter.


Standard Cleaning Includes:

  • Counter Tops – wiped clean including under decor, under counter top appliances and anything easily moved
  • Appliances – wiped down on the outside (minus top of fridge)
  • Sink – scrubbed (please have dishes cleared for better cleaning)
  • Cabinets – spills on lower cabinets wiped clean
  • Stainless Steel – We strive to provide a streak-free shine with our natural cleaning supplies but this is not always possible with certain types of stainless steel


Standard cleaning includes:

  • Crown mouldings – swiffered
  • Baseboards – swiffered
  • Door frames and beveled edges  swiffered
  • Stairs – swiffered in between balusters and stair rails wiped
  • Furniture – dusted and decor picked up and wiped under
  • Furniture – short legged, nightstands, beds, etc swiffered under if applicable
  • Chairs – bottom of legs, pet hair removed if applicable
  • Decor – wiped/swiffered
  • ceiling fan blades – swiffered
  • Blinds 2″ and larger – lightly dusted
  • Electronics – lightly swiffered. I do not do behind electronics now due to trouble having wires coming loose

I do not dust exercise equipment, remove books from bookshelves, climb ladders or chairs or move heavy items – thank you for understanding.



Extra Services

We offer these services for an extra fee:

  • Window cleaning
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Oven cleaning – toxic oven cleaners, all have an EWG “F” rating.

There are natural methods for cleaning ovens  and these are typically easier for the home owner to do as it is time consuming. if you are unable due to health, we can discuss a price for this service.